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Download Area

Download the sample programming assignments. Some have the code as .txt files that can be copied and pasted in any VB version.

The examples have been updated to correct some execution problems and add missing execution files.

Some new examples have been added and several more will appear over the coming weeks ...

Version 1 of the Football Scoreboard
The basic project

Version 2 of the Football Scoreboard
Improved with procedures

American Football Scoreboard application
Getting acquainted with the VB 6 interface

Calculate student's average from 25 grades
Uses Control arrays and memory arrays for calculations

Text editing example
Using the Clipboard object to Cut, Copy, Paste

The Clock - example of a Timer control and use of DateTime variables

The Math Calculator - example of standard controls on a form     
Makes use of Control array and simple math functions
Math calculator

The Loan Calculator - example of standard business function     
to calculate monthly payment amount on loan
Loan Calculator

The Simple Payroll application     
Uses validation functions, formatting, simple arithmetic
Simple Payroll

Graphics editing example - use of drawing tools

Lesson 5 sample - Registration program and ListFile control

Lesson 7 sample - Multimedia - the audio player

Lesson 8 sample - Working with data files     
The "Address Book" example
Uses sequential and random access files

The Payroll application with sequential access file for Employees

Lesson 9 sample - Working with the database     
Creating the "Project Management" application
Includes the MS-Access Project Management database

Video Player example
Contains sample .avi files
Video player

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