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Downloads Area

The files available for download from this site have been thoroughly scanned for malware using AVG and they are clean.

However, you should always run your own scan when you download executable files from any site.

Access databases

1. The database for the Editor project is called "bookstor.mdb".
It contains all the tables used in the exercices.
BookStor database

2. The Project Management database - version 1
Project Management version 1

3. The Project Management database - version 2 (with Master/Detail format)
There is some data included.
Project Management version 2

4. This is the latest version of the MikeVideo database.
Download MikeVideo Database

5. This is the Sales Reporting System for the Financial Services Company.
It contains lots of sample sales data to test sales analysis queries and reports.
Download the Sales Reporting System Database

MySQL area     

To download the MySQL samples, save the .zip file in a folder on C: and extract the files there.

Each MySQL database is in a .sql file. To install the database on the server you must use the Open SQL Script function in the Workbench.

That will install each of the databases on the server and you can then use them to practice the instructions.

Start from here: Download MySQL databases

Convert Access to MySQL

If you have Access databases that you want to convert to MySQL, there is a free software package from Access to MySQL
that is really fantastic.

It's really easy to use and will convert all your Access tables to MySQL tables with very few problems.

You have to have the latest ODBC Connector installed before you do the conversion.

At this time it does not seem to work with Access 2007 format (.accdb) so you would have to use the Save & Publish feature in Access 2010 to save your database file in .mdb format before trying to convert it.

If you haven't found the database resource you're looking for,
use our Google Search box for more information.



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