Rebol Programming For The Absolute Beginner

By: Nick Antonaccio
Updated: 2-25-06

1. For New Programmers and for New Rebolers

This tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to accomplish real world programming goals with a flexible and powerful language called Rebol. The text aims to teach average users to program computers to do useful things, without the long and difficult learning curve imposed by other programming languages. If you're an experienced programmer, be sure to check out the final example applications. You'll be amazed at Rebol's compact code and simple cross-platform usability.

A downloadable package of 9 code examples from this tutorial is available at:

The zip file contains screen shots and executables demonstrating what can be easily accomplished by a casual, part-time Rebol coder, within several weeks of study.

The concepts demonstrated throughout the tutorial will help new programmers understand other languages and programming tools, and will lay the groundwork for novices to acquire essential coding skills. Even novices will be able to actually create useful Rebol programs in the first few days.

And Rebol isn't limited to certain types of applications or operating systems. Code written in Rebol is able to run unchanged on over 40 operating systems, and can be used to build an enormous variety of user applications with modern graphics, CGI interfaces, network functionality, database connectivity, and much more.

If you're used to other development environments, you'll find that Rebol is a beautifully designed language, contained in a dramatically small and efficient package that elegantly replaces many other mainstream tools. Learning Rebol is productive, enjoyable, and thought provoking for both new and experienced coders.

No matter what your experience level, learning Rebol will save you time and frustration at some point in your programming endeavors. It's a fantastically versatile little tool for which you'll find many uses.