Keying Green Backdrops

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Convert Layer to Mask

  1. Before we can add a layer mask to the Background layer, we need to unlock it. To do this, simply double-click on the layer and a New Layer window should appear. The default settings are fine. Click OK.

    Converting a locked background layer
    Converting a locked background layer into an unlocked layer.

  2. Add a layer mask to the layer we have just unlocked (Layer> Add Layer Mask> Reveal All).
    Layer Mask Added
    Layer Mask Added

  3. Make sure the layer mask is activated. The thumbnail of the layer mask in the layers window should have a white border around it. If it doesn't, click on the thumbnail to activate the layer mask.
  4. With the layer mask activated, open the Apply Image tool (Image> Apply Image). We'll be using the default settings in the Apply Image tool so simply click OK unless the settings on your screen is different from the image below.
    The Apply Image Tool
    The Apply Image Tool

  5. Now that we're done converting the Channel Mixer layer into a layer mask, we can delete the Channel Mixer adjustment layer.
    Layers Deleted
    Unnecessary layers are deleted resulting in only one layer with a layer mask.