Linux Operating System for Windows

A Linux OS distribution that can run from within Windows!


What is Linux?

Tux the penguin notwithstanding, Linux is hot, hot, hot these days!

But what is it, exactly? Linux is an open source operating system, developed by a community of programmers where all underlying source code can be freely modified, used, and redistributed by anyone.

Linux is typically used to run servers, more specifically for webhosting. Linux dedicated servers are used by most large companies for their eCommerce applications. And Linux hosting is also the first choice for mom-and-pop Internet operations that need cheap, reliable Web hosting.

But that's not all. Did you know you can even install the Linux OS on your iPod? That's right! You can download a version of iPod Linux that can play your music for you.

Why learn Linux?

The standard answer: Because it's not Windows!

Linux training will open all kinds of doors for you. Since it's open source, i.e. free, Linux software is the primary operating system for most ISPs and Linux hosting is usually the most affordable option.

So, whether you want to operate your own server or you want to be more familiar with your ISP, a knowledge of Linux servers and Linux commands will definitely be an advantage.

Linux OS, the easy way!

Here's a new site that will get you started with Linux the easy way.

You don't have to give up the familiar Windows environment, just yet. You can set yourself up with DSL (Damn Small Linux) that you can boot from a business card CD as a live Linux distribution (LiveCD) or boot from a USB pen drive and run from within Windows.

Download the software, learn from the tutorials and read the articles.

Take your time to get familiar with the interface and play with all the great applications included in the download. There's a browser, an e-mail client, a word processor, a spreadsheet and lots more.

You may even find that you can recycle that old 486DX from the basement, the one with only 16Meg of RAM (DSL can do that).

To get started right away with DSL and the lessons, follow the link:

Have fun!