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Simple HTML Tutorial

Making a list, and checking it twice ...

A lot of people don't know how to use lists properly. The advantages of using lists:

  1. You can't set tab stops in HTML; there are several ways to indent stuff but the List is one of the easiest

  2. You can number the items automatically, as this list does, with the <OL> tag

    1. You can even have lists within lists

    2. It keeps track of the numbering for you

    3. If you move something within the list, it renumbers automatically

  3. If you don't want the numbering, use an Unordered list <UL>:
    • This is an Unordered list with bullets instead of numbers

    • It also indents automatically

  4. If you don't want numbers or bullets:
    You can use a Definition list, <DL>

    In a DL some items may be indented, and some may not be

    The <DD> tag is used to indent

    The <DT> tag is used for no-indent

  5. Lists are easy to read and make your point clearer.

Here is the code for the lists above: