Building the Application Menu

The Switchboard

When he creates the database, the programmer has to assume that the user does not know Access.

The user should not have to open a datasheet view of the table to update records.

We create a Menu structure to give the user access to all the functions that he has to have to work with the database. That's why it's so important to have a maintenance form for every table.

The Menu is called the Main Switchboard in Access. It is accessible via Tools --> Database utilities --> Switchboard Manager.

To create and edit elements in the Switchboard you have to go through the Switchboard Manager.

If the Switchboard doesn't exist the first time you try to access it, it will be created. Then you create new elements as needed.

To modify the appearance of the Switchboard, you have to modify the Main Switchboard form. You change colors, text, pictures as you need.

Finally, you can get the Switchboard to load automatically on startup by creating a macro.

The macro only has the one operation: Open Switchboard form.

To get it to open automatically, the macro must be saved under the name: Autoexec

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