Building the Sales Reporting System Access Database

About the Company

Profsr Financial Services, PFS, is a medium-sized business employing some 50 financial advisors (sales representatives) to sell a full-range of investments and insurance to individual clients.

Although the sales representatives function somewhat independently from the company, they are paid commissions and have to pay a variable amount of their commissions to the company as an operating fee. It's this amount called CPA that PFS wants to track first.

Whenever a proposal is written for a client, the proposal details are input into the SRS (Sales Reporting System) database and the amounts are used to calculate all the sales statistics.

Most sales reports are produced on a weekly and year-to-date basis. In some cases, reports are calculated for a specific period of time, when there's a special promotion, for example.

Analysis and Design

Here's the analysis we would have gone through with the customer: Based on the analysis we can now conclude that our database will have the standard Master/detail format. The only variation is that instead of one sales rep selling many products we'll have one product sold by many sales reps. The details table will contain references to reps instead of products.

And here's what our database model will look like once we get it written in Access:

Important points to note:

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