Developing an integrated Sales Reporting System

About the Project

Over the next few weeks we'll be developing a Sales Reporting System for a Financial Services Company. The company, PFS, although not very large, has a lot of data to be analyzed to produce meaningful sales statistics. It's important to track the sales reps to see who is producing and who isn't. The products must be evaluated to see what the buying trends are and to be able to adjust rapidly to changing demands. And then there are all the various combinations of reps/products/suppliers that can offer meaningful information to help management guide the sales force.

The project will involve the use of several common tools. Although it's not always necessary in business to do it this way, we want the learning experience to be as complete as possible, so we'll make the project a little more complex than it might otherwise have to be.

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The plan is this: Hopefully, by the time we're done you're going to have a much greater appreciation for the power of relational databases. By using multiple tools with common data you'll see how it's possible to scale a project from a standalone user to a large group of users. You'll also be exposed to data access from the local client, to the intranet and then on to the Internet.


Database Project Tutorial Content

Lesson 1

  • Defining the project
  • Describing the Sales Reporting System
  • Analysis and design of the system
  • Creating the model for the Access database

Lesson 2

  • Download the sample PFS database
  • Creating the tables
  • Defining the relationships
  • Creating the table maintenance forms

Lesson 3

  • The Master/detail model
  • Creating the SRS transaction form
  • Using Combo boxes
  • VBA code with the DLookup( ) function
  • VBA code to validate data input

Lesson 4

  • Creating Sales reports
  • The Left join query
  • Using the IIF( ) function
  • Sorting and Grouping
  • Calculating summaries

Lesson 5

  • The Main Switchboard
  • Creating the Application Menu
  • Editing the Switchboard form
  • Creating an Autoexec macro

Lesson 6

  • ...coming soon!

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