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By: Professor M. Latreille

As an educator in the Technology sector, I have had to fight an uphill battle for years to get my students to appreciate the importance of language training in their curriculum.

If you've studied my tutorials, you know that almost every subject I've covered has had at least a brief sermon on the importance of using appropriate language when dealing with employers and clients.

Whether you're coding an interface in Visual Basic, Access or HTML, the quality of the final product has to meet the highest professional standards. This is even more important the more our applications are being deployed on the Web. Our potential audience has now gone from a few hundred or a few thousand to a few billion people!

At last I've found a line of products that I can honestly recommend to help my students, and you, my Internet audience, with language skills and even with your SAT scores!

It's called WordSmart.

The WordSmart line of educational software has won more awards for excellence than all of its competitors combined. And it is faithfully used in hundreds of institutions across America, including MIT and Purdue.

Others only offer reading programs. But with WordSmart you can broaden your field with the famous Vocabulary Builder, SAT Prep Vocabulary Builder, and of course, WordSmart Phonics, the most effective reading software program available.

All products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The SAT Prep software even guarantees a huge score increase.

Also available: SAT Math Prep, Ultimate Phonics (the adult learnerís reading program) and fun learning games like Word Adventure and Math Adventure.

And even if English is not your mother tongue, you know how important it is in the global economy that we all have to compete in. WordSmart has a complete module of English as a Second Language (ESL) tools for you to use.

I really encourage you to do yourself a favor. Go to their website and evaluate these tools for yourself.

Good luck!

About The Author

Professor Mike Latreille has over 30 years of experience in the computer industry as a consultant and educator. He has worked for a number of companies, including IBM, as well as for the Canadian government.

He is currently conducting research in eCommerce and eMarketing.

He can be reached through one of his websites at:

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