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10 tips to get the most from your Google search

by: Professor M. Latreille

If you're doing a Web search with Google, you're almost sure to get a whole lot of results back. You know that already. But what you probably don't know is that those results could have been much better, much more pertinent, if you had phrased the question better. They could have been closer to what you were looking for.

Here are some tips on writing a query that will ensure more precise answers to your questions. What you have to do is work with Google the way it interprets things.

Tip #1

The coolest Google tool so far ...Maps!

Tip #2

Desktop Search is a great tool!

Tip #3

Separate words with spaces

Tip #4

Use quotes to find phrases

Tip #5

Use the widcard character in your search

Tip #6

You can search on a numerical interval

Tip #7

Exclude a website from the search

Tip #8

Find Word or Powerpoint documents

Tip #9

Use Groups to solve problems

Tip #10

Use a Local search in your area

About The Author

Professor Mike Latreille has over 30 years of experience in the computer industry as a consultant and educator. He has worked for a number of companies, including IBM, as well as for the Canadian government.

He is currently conducting research in eCommerce and eMarketing.

He can be reached through one of his websites at:

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