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So, You Want To Learn Accounting!

If you're thinking about taking accounting classes in order to better manage your own business or non-profit organization you're off to a rewarding experience! In fact, chances are that you'll notice evidence of your expanded understanding of accounting and financial management in various ways almost as soon as you apply the new knowledge and methodology. bean counter money

You don't have to earn a four year degree in accountancy in order to expand your knowledge of accounting in meaningful and productive ways. To get started you may want to take a few classes at your local community college and get your hands on some good tutorials.
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Let's talk Computers!

accounting software These days you simply cannot embark upon any accounting course without the appropriate software. All accounting is done on the computer, pretty much like everything else in business. In addition to the books and pencils you're going to need a good accounting software package.

You may opt for the usual proprietary software, such as QuickBooks or Simply Accounting (both are excellent products). However, there is another way. It's called open source software and it is free to download on the Internet. Open source is called that because the programs (the source) are created by an open community of developers for the benefit of everyone.

In the past, it's been small business accounting needs that were most drawn to open source business intelligence software because of the cost. Where many small businesses simply can't afford top of the line proprietary software, open source accounting software has been the way to keep costs down.

Interestingly, more and more small businesses, as well as large ones, are turning to open source accounting software and business intelligence software for many more reasons than cutting operational costs.

Surprisingly, the top reason for going with open source small business accounting software was not the lower license costs. The primary reason companies cited for choosing an open source suite were that a primary developer's interest deemed a particular open source suite more appropriate for the company's particular needs.

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So, now that you've decided to go ahead, even if you attend classes at your local college, you can still get a whole lot of information from our Accounting tutorials.

For the rest of the story, you'll have to hear from the Bean Counter himself.

For those of you that don't know, the term bean counter is slang for an accountant. Bean Counter provides affordable accounting, bookkeeping, computer programs, consulting, tutorials, and web site services to small businesses. Most, if not all of us, hate keeping records, but the days of operating a business by the seat of our pants have long gone.

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