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Sample databases

"MikeVideo" database

The database has been updated to be at the level of Lesson 9 - The Master/Detail form.

This is the Access 2000 version:
Download 2000 Database

This is the Access 97 version:
Download 97 Database

This is the latest version of the MikeVideo database.

Download MikeVideo2004 Database

Although it is not 100% complete, it should serve as a good starting point for any similar application.
The rest of the work is left as a programming assignment for students who've been following the tutorials from the beginning.
Good luck!

   This is the Sales Reporting System for the Financial Services Company.
It contains lots of sample sales data to test sales analysis queries and reports.
The database is used in the Database Project tutorial but it can be studied as a standalone Microsoft Access application.

Download the Sales Reporting System Database

Your next assignment is to learn Visual Basic. We have a very popular tutorial on Visual Basic 6 which has a module on database connectivity. You'll find it at: Visual Basic 6 and ADO Database programming tutorial. Then you'll be able to really customize any Access database.

For additional resources you might find this site useful: Free Visual Basic 6 tutorials and sample source code examples .

If you haven't found the Microsoft Access resource you're looking for,
use our Google Search box for more information.